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Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro

First truly dedicated terrain motorcycle in Ducati history based on Multistrada 1200 with 160hp and 136 Nm of torque, major changes include higher suspension travel by 30mm and increased clearance by 35mm, the single sided swingarm was replaced by much stronger classical double armed one, higher exhaust mount and thicker skid plate.

With couple other changes that include aluminum engine panels and central stand the weight increased by 13kg to 254kg with full tank of fuel that has 30L of capacity that will give you 450km range between the gas stations.
We have all electronics presented in S version that among others include traction control, wheelie control, ABS, semi-active suspension, TFT display.

All systems are easy to configure with intuitive interface, just select one of pre-configured modes are set your own mode with fully programmable functions.

The bike feels very light and is easy to control even on hard steep terrain thanks to DVT (variable valve timing) you will have power when you'll need it and semi-active suspension will make sure you're always in the control of the machine.

The sport characteristics are very noticeable and encourage to go faster on roads when you fit it with appropriate tires, the engine is very responsive and has a good punch when you twist the throttle at wide rpm range.

Bike copes with harsh terrain very well for it's heavy weight but it needs a skilled rider to make best of it and it is certainly not an easy task, if you stop in heavy mud you'll probably need assistance to get out.

Ride is comfortable and it's easier to reach for the handles when standing up thanks to new handlebar, changes made by Ducati made this a whole new experience.

Suspension could allow harder settings on the road but even then bike feels planted and stays on it's path thanks to changed geometry and longer wheelbase and the DSS (Ducati Skyhook Suspension) makes the bike more stable according to the road conditions.
The small for it's class wire-spoked front wheel at 19' front and 17' rear are sometimes having problem as they fall into smaller holes more often.

Engine is very elastic and pulls nice from 2000rpm, on the gravel you may want to set power output to the lowest setting from 160hp to 100hp.

You have four settings that include sport, touring, urban and enduro along with many other electronic supplements like VHC that helps you on ride uphill, Ride by Wire, key-less Hands-free system, Ducati Wheelie Control, ECC (Cruise Control), DSS Evo (semi-active suspension), Color TFT screen, Bosch cornering ABS + DTC traction control.

Ducati offers multiple accessory packets that may add up to the final price that is high enough without them already but for more wealthy riders we recommend them as they increase the usability and protection to the bike in case something goes out of hand.

If that's not enough Ducati has introduced Pikes Peak version that has even more goodies that include Ohlins suspension, Termignoni exhaust and lot of carbon fiber.


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