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Ducati xDiavel S

If you were searching for the meaning of life, you just found it, after the success of Diavel in 2011 that sold 18000 units, Ducati proudly presents it's first official cruiser named xDiavel that has the all needed ingredients including low mounted foot rests that are far in the front and big fat rear tire.

It's not an ordinary cruiser, Ducati had come with a new approach proving that cruisers don't have to be slow especially with it's strong Panigale genetics.
It generates 156 hp at 9500 rpm and 129 Nm at 5000 rpm, numbers that are closer to super sport genre.

The fat 240 tire from Pirelli is the same as in previous model, the wheelbase is now extended by 25mm and the turn radius is increased by 2 degrees.

The steering is very light and direct but the fat tire at the back will not stay on it's path on a b-grade roads with potholes, on nice roads the bike handles perfect and even when braking into corners the fat tires will not try to straighten you up. Just chose the trajectory and it will stay planted, even through it has long wheelbase it is very easy to go from side to side with not much strength needed.

The engine from Multistrada has 1.6mm bigger stroke that pushed the capacity to 1262cm3 complemented with variable valve timing (DVT) plus some rearrangement of components like water pump were moved to clean the look of beautiful engine from the wires. Every element is something to admire, even the footrest bracket is milled and the overall look of the bike just screams "Quality", it looks great from every side from the beautiful front headlight to the small tail. Single sided swing arm unveils the big futuristic looking rim that suits the overall look of the bike.

As you may expect from the engine used in this model you will have to keep it under 3000 rpm to keep it smooth without the vibrations, but the drop in torque seen in Multistrada engine is now gone and every time you want to push it it's there for you. You have to be careful because even in second gear it may lift off when you open the throttle a little too much when exiting the corner. Like in many new motorcycles and especially from Italy this one comes with lot of electronics to help you keep out of the trouble and make the power easier to use, we have 8 degree traction control, ABS that can be set to one of three settings depending on what kind of roads you're on. All easily managed through buttons on the left handle bar and TFT screen that even on the blithest day is easily readable.

The power is delivered through belt that further smooths the reaction to different engine load and with it's lightweight (for it's class) of 247kg it really is a joy full machine to ride, either in more sporty mode or in more relaxed cruising style.


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