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Honda CBR 500R

If you want to start your journey into the racing world this bike is worth recommending, it has all the ingredients needed for track days and a proper sport feeling to it. The weight is high for this engine capacity, 194kg with fluids - at least rider will get adjusted when upgrading to bigger machines. In-line two cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder generates 47.6 hp at 8500rpm and 43 Nm at 7000rpm that revs at 10000rpm.

Engine feels fast and responsive due to modifications to the air flow, torque is enough to keep you smiling without the need to downshift when you overshoot one gear and the transmission works very smooth.

Suspension is now upgraded and will let you customize spring preload if you're a heavier rider or want to ride with passenger. The position is sporty but not too extreme, you still get plenty of comfort with enough room to get relaxed. As for the aesthetics, it looks like a much bigger bike than it really is and it stands out of the crowd in it's category.

The good thing about smaller bikes is that they don't lose as much on the value as bigger bikes and when time comes for an upgrade to bigger bikes you will not lose so much money especially that the maintenance of this bike is cheap and is practically limited to changing fluids once a while and because of the smooth power delivery and the fact that the hp output is not a three digit number your tires will live a much longer period.

You can buy this bike without worrying that you will get bored in the first season of riding because of too little power, It's a longer alternative for CBR 250 and other small capacity bikes.

The suspension could be a little harder on the track or when in the canyons, the looks are very aggressive even more than a bigger CBR 1000RR of previous generation so you don't feel like riding a much smaller bike.

Soon as you get to the highway or some back roads you'll see that the softer suspension was a good compromise, the ride is very comfortable and you will find that the bike is very usable for everyday use and not only for mastering your techniques on the track.

The ABS version cost 300 USD more than the standard version and it's not available in the red color option. Cockpit looks like it was taken straight from a racing machine with big buttons on both side that are easy to use with the gloves on. The standard muffler is not something you will want to change right after purchase, it fits the bike and the sound is pleasing. The 16.7L fuel tank will give you range of about 320km or more depending on the style you ride. In the end, this is a good bike not only for beginners but for riders who want good quality bike that is easy to maintain.


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