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Honda CRF 1000 L Africa Twin

The all new Africa Twin has arrived, it looks super cool especially in the rally painting.
It comes with a classic clutch or DCT, ergonomics of the bike are spot on and the big 21' front wheel with 220mm forks are doing great job on rough terrain.
The heart of new Africa is now two cylinder in-line engine with crank pins moved by 270 degrees which gives that V-engine feeling we all loved in old Africa.

Compression ratio for today standards is very low at 10:1 compared to 12.5:1 in BMW R 1200 GS, red line comes at 8000rpm and the time from 0-100km/h is not bad at 3.8s and 6.9s to 140km/h.

Engine lacks flexibility when cruising on the highways, the acceleration from 100km/h to 140km/h on last gear takes 6.1s which is 2s worse than KTM 1050 Adventure that has the same power output.

Said that it is very fun to ride between 3000-6000rpm with not bad 5.5L/100km fuel consumption, it has ABS and 3 degree traction control activated with a switch on the left handle.

The Clearance is very good due to the compact engine that integrates lot of elements into one like for example the water pump is mounted in the clutch compartment and with the oil pump is driven by a balancing shaft.

DCT clutch system offers the rider better traction in hard conditions that takes into account such things like lean angle and reduced clutch slip when changing gears.
Bike weights 232kg which is a good result for it's class, it was achieved by using Unicam timing technology and lightweight forged camshaft as in CBR 1000RR.

The vibrations are reduced by two balancing shafts and the power delivery is linear and smooth with nice deep sound coming from the factory exhaust.

Honda had tested the bike in wind tunnel to minimize the noise that many bikes of this class has, the result is very noticeable after you switch from other bike in this category, one thing - the windscreen could be bigger because if you are taller than 182cm the wind will hit you in the shoulders and it will transfer all that bad vibrations to the steering wheel making the ride less comfortable at higher speeds.

On the twisty roads the bike handles good and you will have no problem in keeping up the pace with some more road oriented bikes, especially when you use more road focused tires and set suspension to according to your style.

Will it be reliable as the old legend ? only time will tell, but judging from the couple hours we were testing the bike we can tell that it has big potential to maintain the good reputation of it's predecessor and conquer old as well as new adventurers around the world.

Bike is sold in three options: STD (228kg), ABS (232kg), DCT+ABS (242kg) - kerb weight.
We would recommend DCT+ABS as it will save you many times in bad weather/road conditions this bike is made for.


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