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Kawasaki ZX-10R

Here it is, faster than ever before and with proper looks is ready to storm the hearts of old and new riders, powered by new technologies developed while creating H2R, todays motorcycles are all about electronics, especially super sport motorcycles and Kawasaki is at the pole position with the best in business. We have S-KTRC traction control with two more settings to chose from compared to previous model which only had three settings, we have KLCM - launch control that will make you feel like a bullet fired from a cannon, advanced ABS that takes into calculations bike lean and pitch angle, KQS - quick-shifter working faster than you may imagine, KIBS - braking management system, KEBC - engine braking system.

The new chassis that works with new Showa suspension gives a lot more feedback that let you push the tires closer to it's limits, with help comes new traction control that is noticeably smoother in action than it's predecessor but still requires you to be awake and ready for some sliding as it is more track oriented.

There are three power modes: Full (100% Power), Middle (80% Power), Low (60% Power) that may come in handy especially on the public roads and in rain conditions.

Engine will breathe more freely with new bigger air-box and will rev quicker thanks to less mechanical friction and many modifications including lighter crankshaft and new 47mm electronic throttle valves operated by 32bit ECU that will make sure the power is delivered smoothly.

Stainless steel brake lines come in standard and are connected to big 330mm dual discs with four piston Brembo mono-block calipers at the front and 220mm rear disc with single piston Nissin caliper, braking hard into corner is very easy and the smart ABS system is keeping the bike from straightening up.

The additional power is slightly noticeable between 8500-9500rpm and at the top end coming smoothly from 10500rpm and making 6.2rwhp more at 11750rpm but it's the quicker reeving and many other things that will make you think it's much stronger and it is for sure certainly faster, knowing the long racing history of the Kawasaki and the feedback coming from the best riders in the world we ain't surprised at all.

Kerb weight of the bike is 206kg for the ABS model and 2kg less without it, the engine was moved more to the front and is mounted higher to move the center of gravity for better stability.

We think that the Kawasaki is on the good path, working on the handling and power delivery rather than unaccessible raw power, the results can be seen in racing where two first places in WSBK belong to Kawasaki with a lot of advantage as well as in SuperSport, and it finally doesn't look like a moped, the gauges unfortunately are the same, we really don't have much to say about them except they are ugly.

If you're looking for a good racing package this new Kawasaki has it all, it will not be an easy decision to choose from as competition has lot to offer as well, we can be sure it will be popular as looks is the main factor in making decision and this model looks great.


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