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MV Agusta Brutale 800 Dragster

This 3-cylinder jewelery not only looks great but also rides great, if you like wheelies this 800cc lightweight bike will lift you in first three gears with no problem.
It weights only 167kg (dry) and has power to weight ratio of 1.34kg/hp with 125hp at 11600rpm and 81 Nm torque at 8600rpm with rev limiter kicking in at 13000rpm.

Bike feels best on tight twisty roads where you need to flip fast from one side to the other, fully customizable front suspension from Marzocchi and rear from Sachs in good hands will make it even better.

320mm front brakes with four piston calipers and 220mm rear with two piston calipers are making it's job well as well as electronics and power delivery.
There's also RR version with more power, 140hp at 13100rpm and 86 Nm of torque at 10100rpm with rev limiter at 13200rpm that looks even better.
You can chose one of four ride modes - rain, normal, sport, custom plus the option to completely turn off the traction control.

You can see some similarities to the bigger brother MV Agusta F4 with it's tubular frame structure and sharp futuristic edges. Everything just looks perfectly in place from every angle with the beautifully integrated taillights and the triple exhaust.

The position on the bike is more cruising oriented than sport riding and the big 200mm tire doesn't help in getting most of the bike in corners but it gives you very good front feedback and it's easy to make fast left to right transitions.

Brembo brakes gives you all the feedback you need and are very precise and easy to control even when hard braking into corners, two stage ABS helps to avoid trouble along with 8-degree traction control that can be set by using buttons on the left handlebar.

Mirrors are mounted to the handlebars and the led turn signals are very slim but we feel that the rear end would look much better with some minimalistic plate mounting in the tail rather than covering much of the tire with ugly plastic, this is common in many motorcycles and we don't like it.

Build quality is very good as you would expect from premium Italian product but the price is little too high for this engine capacity.

MV Agusta was always more about soul than money to performance ratio even through motorcycles are way cheaper after Mercedes-Benz purchased the company they are still exotic on the road and that's what you want when you're buying MV Agusta - you want to be the only one in the neighborhood, feel special and Brutale 800 Dragster delivers this feeling perfectly.

If you're looking for a motorcycle that will turn heads and also have some fun but with something more relaxed than extreme super sport bikes then this is the way to go with a perfect balance between public road and race track, you'll not regret it at any time especially when you twist the throttle and unleash the sound of fury.


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