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The new SV650 is back to the roots with design after lot of fans hated the previous over futuristic look, front headlight is now classic round one that we all love in this bike and the overall look is now way smoother and just looks like a Suzuki and not some other brand.

The only thing we don't like and it's not only in this bike but almost in every other bike no matter what brand is the rear fender for blinkers and plate number, we just can't accept it - it looks very bad and it's the first thing we would change to after-market one and there is no excuse for the designers as to why it's have to be so big and ugly instead of minimalistic design you can buy cheap in almost every shop.

The 75 hp at 8500rpm and 64 Nm torque at 8100rpm comes from V-Twin 90 degree DOHC liquid cooled engine with four valves per cylinder, it red lines at 10000rpm and pulls strong from 5500rpm.

The low rpm range was addressed by the engineers and they did a very good work, no more issues with proper throttle response - it finally works how it should also smoothing the reaction when you twist the throttle by lightly opening the secondary throttle plate when you engage the clutch to give that natural instantaneous reaction when you're back on the gas.

Bike weights 197kg with Nissin ABS (2kg more) on 120/70ZR17M/C front wheel and 160/60ZR17M/C rear with brakes same as the previous model with twin 290mm disc brakes in the front with two piston calipers and one 240mm rear disc with single piston caliper.

Suzuki offers a lot of customization options that can transform the bike from cafe racer to practical daily commuter which makes this bike very versatile and that was always a big plus of this model.

Unfortunately the front suspension lacks any customization which is a big disappointment, it is set for a 75-80kg rider and the rear has 7-degree preload adjustment. For those wanting to have some fun on the track should consider upgrading it, brakes as well would need to be upgraded.

The engine is more efficient among others due to dual spark technology incorporating new nickel-alloy high-performance spark plugs that results in better combustion efficiency, better millage, smoother throttle response and lower emissions.

To keep it cool we have a new radiator that is round shaped for better air distribution, it's compact size allows more space for the exhaust system that even although it meets the emissions regulation it sounds great and deliver good power.
Engine alone has over sixty new parts, while it makes only few hp more, it is certainly more refined.

The electronic gauges with nice easy to read LCD display that shows all the important data is ease to configure.

The new SV650 has a lot of competition in this mid-range category and with the slightly damaged reputation by not so widely accepted previous model potential buyers will sure have struggle to decide, will the nostalgia win ? we will see.


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