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Classic looks with todays technology is a combination that Triumph has perfected over the years, it's not an easy task with all the Euro 4 emission regulations to make a big parallel twin motorcycle which can proudly stand right next to some real old classics from 1958 but thanks to engineering magic it has nothing to be ashamed of.

The SOHC 900cc twin engine generating 55hp at 5900rpm and 80 Nm at 3230rpm with 270' degree crankshaft makes impressive sound with the catalytic converter well hidden under the engine.

This bike has all the good feelings from the past without the bad ones like for example the harsh vibrations are suppressed by using two counter balancers and also thanks to 270' degree configuration but you steel feel the bangs coming from the engine to give you that old school feeling but it's not getting you tired anymore, all the good ingredients carefully spiced with modern age technology.

The ride is very good thanks to the modern suspension, 41mm Kayaba at the front and two Kayaba at the rear with adjustable spring preload.

Looks old, rides like new - we love it, it is set more for a comfortable ride and with the engine that is more low-reeving torque oriented you never feel that they are lagging you and the ABS equipped 310mm single disc front brake with dual-piston calipers and 255mm rear also with dual-piston calipers are more than enough for the power-train we have under us. The 12L fuel tank could be bigger despite small appetite for the fuel you will have to visit gas stations more often.

The light indicators are nicely integrated into the side of gauges that have nice retro look with little but easy to read built-in LCD screen controlled by button on the left handle by which you can switch between various trip informations as well as engaging traction control. The bike is most enjoyable when riding solo, with a passenger it's underpowered and we don't recommend longer trips as it may struggle when overtaking.

It feels very good on canyon roads with your toes scrapping the pavement but you get more satisfaction sitting at around 3000rpm and just enjoying the sound and feel from this gorgeous engine, it may not be big in power but it's big in heart and thats what this type of motorcycles should be. The twin brushed silencers are fitting the bike perfectly with nice oval endings, something you don't want to modify right after purchase which can't be said about a lot of bikes this days.

And the best part is that classic motorcycles like this never age, no one will ever tell you after years that it looks outdated. It's a timeless design and this makes it really good value for money. It's a great bike no matter what age you are, it proofs that you don't have to participate in the horsepower war to have fun and brings you that childhood memories of freedom and simplicity.


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