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Excellent for bigger trips with lot of luggage space for all your needs and a big tank of fuel at 22L makes a good companion for you and your passenger who's sitting in a comfy back seat will thank you after couple hundred miles for choosing this bike, it comes with dual 300 x 5mm discs at the front with four piston calipers, rear brake is a Dual 300 x 5mm with four piston calipers as well, both with ABS in standard. The ride is smooth after you get it to speed above third gear, below it tend to be a little wobbly but the torque is available right from the start and overtaking is done with little effort.

Cruising on the highway is a pleasant experience, the protection from the wind is great and your arms are relaxed which help making long trips without too many stops. You can also direct the air from the vents to your chest if you like as well as legs with the side vents that will keep you cool on the hotter days.

In this kind of motorcycles we like the suspension to deliver relaxed but planted feeling which is not an easy combination, in this situation it works thanks to the rear air adjustable shock with 120mm travel and front with 130mm of travel, placing bike from bend to bend doesn't require much effort and is well balanced for a quicker ride through canyons.
On our seven day test the bike didn't surprised us with any quality issues, the only thing we would like to be modified is the front brake master cylinder with more initial bite to it but other than that the bike did good and made not only the rider but the passenger happy.

It has all the features you would want from a touring machine like 12-volt outlet, cruise control, heated grips and much more.

The electronic gauges are easily readable even when the sun is high and when it comes to the storage capacity it's the number one in this sector and with a much lower price than competition it makes a really good choice, especially when hear the beautiful V-Twin engine with it's big torque at 143 Nm.

The bike weights 360kg with all the fluids but you don't feel it when riding, the steering input is light and doesn't require you to use much force even when braking into the corner.

In night the headlight does a very good job and you don't feel you have to slow down your pace due to lower visibility, the solid beam of light gives you the self-confidence you need on some back roads with no other source of light.

You get what you pay for as the quality is very good with thick plastic and nice layer of paint all over the bike, the line of the bike looks great with the big V-Twin engine not covered by any cables or covers.


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