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Yamaha MT-10

Powered by heavily modified engine from an R1 with crossplane technology guaranties good power delivery across wide rpm range and it's more accessible due to more torque oriented design. Overall quality is very good but after you've seen V-Max you would like to see does plastic intakes made in polished aluminum or maybe carbon fiber if you're looking for more sporty look.

Twisty roads are no stranger as it has a lot of super sport DNA but the ride is not so nervous, you don't feel that you are constantly on the edge and the transitions are more relaxed but still fast.

In braking department things are looking good too, 320mm front with four piston calipers and 220mm rear with two piston calipers with ABS, the braking have a good response and are easy to feel with it's new Bosh ABS system, and when you're done braking the electronics that are known to be one of the best in industry will help you put all the power you need.

How much power ? 160.4 hp at 11500rpm and 111 Nm at 9000rpm, you really don't need more on the streets, the engine is stripped from magnesium parts among other modifications that resulted in much lower price. That resulted with a more usable power and thats what this bike is all about, to be more biased toward street racing than track racing.

The frame comes directly from the R1 as is the front KYB suspension that was configured to give the rider more feedback and at the rear it's the same story with fully customizable KYB suspension. Short wheelbase of only 1400mm and with additional mass in the engine helps to keep the front wheel on the ground when you want to accelerate fast, the long swingarm delivered straight from the R1 will help to maintain the stability and will give you neutral feeling.

There are three settings: Standard, A and B, B is the most aggressive setting, LCD screen similar to R1 is less racing focused and delivers all data you'll need when riding on the street. The position is relaxed and your wrists will not hurt as on super sport machines, the seat is good for longer trips too.

If you are taller rider Yamaha offers in it's accessories bigger screen that is easy to bolt-on but you shouldn't be concerned about leg room as theres plenty of it despite the bike is very short.

The bike is stable in the corners and keeps the chosen line very nice with no drama, getting knee down is very easy and you'll soon find that you change knee sliders more often than tires if you have some nice twisty roads near by.

This bike loves twisties but on the highway it feels good as well, stable and comfortable all the way with your legs relaxed, after doing 400km the difference is very noticeable when comparing to super sport world.

It's just perfect combination for the street and if you want to have some fun on the race track it will do just fine.


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