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Yamaha Tracer 700

Affordable touring companion from Yamaha features many changes compared to MT-07 including longer by 50mm swingarm made from aluminum which gives more stability along with new stiffer 130mm suspension springs to accommodate additional weight, the rear damper have been modified in the same way to give more firm feeling.

The weight of the bike is only 196kg with all the accessories including bigger 17L fuel tank that will give you range of about 320km depending on the style you ride, heated grips and seats, crash cage, 12 volt output and many more.

We have two 282mm discs at the front and 245mm at the rear with ABS in standard, brakes are easily dosable and have a good feeling to it. Despite longer wheelbase the bike still feels very agile and reacts to the rider input immediately with little effort also thanks to longer handlebar.

The engine is the same but has stronger lower end thanks to modified intake channels and exhaust, it has 74.8hp at 9000rpm and 68 Nm at 6500rpm cooperating with 6-speed gearbox and wet multi-disc clutch. You want to keep it between 4000-8000rpm, thats where the most fun is, when you'll need to do a quick overtaking you will need to drop a gear.

On a longer trips the bike is very comfortable and does a good job in all conditions, the rider is well protected from wind and even taller riders will not have problems as the standard windshield that comes with the bike has good touring size and is not only there to look cool.

We didn't feel any pain in legs or arms after four hours of mixed hills and highway roads and didn't think that it lacks something from the bigger touring machines. It is a very good option for the younger adventurers who want something more affordable but even more experienced riders will find it sufficient.

Digital gauges are easy to read with the more important for adventurer informations made bigger like remaining range, temperature and speed, the two buttons could be a little bigger or more separated but you shouldn't have problems in using them.

Overall this bike has a big potential for going on a longer trips, it is a small but refined package that rides exactly how it looks - very good, we like the small details that surrounds the bike, even the passenger foot rests are something to look at and has that solid feel to it. The front and rear serrated discs adds to the overall bike look.

The seat has a nice stitching and is comfortable not only for rider but for passenger too, it will not prevent you from having some fun in the twisties too. With still increasing list of accessories from Yamaha this bike has a bright future ahead, all our testers felt in love with it and for this kind of money we couldn't think of any bad thing about it. You get more than you pay for when you consider the value of all the parts alone including accessories and modifications made.


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