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The most noticeable changes are in the engine compartment, the valve head is still reversed for better center of gravity but it's now more balanced and lighter with new piston design and modified crank, that of course has an positive impact on the performance especially in the mid-range rpm but don't expect much difference from the 2016 model when it comes to power but you'll notice that the power is cut differently when redlining - it's not as flat as in previous model thanks to modified rev limiter, brakes are now 270mm instead of 250mm, the overall package that was already very good is now more durable and reliable.

The suspension is still the same but with small changes in favor of more high speed damping while the rear gets a softer spring that will suit lighter riders.
The power figures are similar as in 2016 model with 39hp at 11800rpm and 27.7 Nm of torque at 8400rpm but thanks to the more mid-range oriented configuration it can keep up with the stronger competition.

In order to get most of the bike we advice to sacrifice some time to tinker with the suspension settings, it can easily make a huge difference in the way the bike handles as standard settings may not suit your riding style.

The frame was refreshed with new steel engine mounting points, lower footrests position for better handling and wider swingarm section. The bike comes with Yamaha's power tuner that will let you tune engine mapping according to the track conditions, maps are constantly updated by Yamaha and ready for you to play with it.

The power delivery is easy to control and controlling the bike with new handlebar feels very neutral, we really like it especially with the nice proper sound coming from the exhaust. It's not the strongest bike out there with the raw numbers but it's certainly one of the fastest as the power is placed in more important range and if you're gear too high for an corner exit it will get to speed fairly quick.

Engine is powered up by a kickstart, starts very easily even when it's cold and doesn't require much effort and the clutch pulls really easy with it's new shorter actuator arm by 3mm and different angle. The transmission works now with less friction thanks to the new shift cam design that flows more oil through the gears for smoother action.

If you're searching for a good lightweight racing package it doesn't get any better than this and the customizations you can make to the overall character of the bike are really amazing, instead of adjusting your style to the bike you can adjust the bike to your style and that's the biggest advantage.

It's good for professional riders as well as amateurs due to it's fine nature and possible adjustments, you can choose from two colors, white-blue and white-red and a long list of accessory parts - we will discuss some of them in our accessory section.


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